Sew Along: Vintage Inspired High Waisted Panties

I will be using this pattern I purchased off of Craftsy, you can find it by following the link. I love this pattern because it is easy to change up the feel of the design by trying different fabrics for the panels, like sheer side panels or stretch lace on top of the front/back panels.


It is also an easy pattern to manipulate! I have shortened the pattern across the top and it makes a super cute high waist pair that sits just on the waist rather than above the waist. You can also alter the curve across the bottom if you want an even cheekier variation. The options are endless!

I would advise that if you’re using this pattern as a follow along that you find a really stretchy fabric and try a toile first so you can make any adjustments you feel fit. For my first pair I used this stretch mesh, I bought it in white and I’m using white lingerie elastic so I can dye the fabric myself once the whole piece is put together! I can also show dying step-by-step process if anyone is interested?

Step 1: Take your measurements

Step 2: Choose your fabric!

Step 3: Cut out the pattern pieces

Step 4: Sew together the pieces

Step 5: Add elastic and any decorative motifs (eg. bows, rhinestones, ect)

Step 6: Flaunt it!


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